Meet the Board


Katherine Skene

Katherine Skene joined the Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto in 2012, and was instrumental in seeing Toronto City Council approve a motion supporting instant runoff voting for mayoral and council member elections in June 2013. She has also been a driving force in moving the province closer to legislative change allowing ranked ballots in Ontario municipal elections. 

In addition to being Co-Chair of the RaBIT, Katherine has sat on both the National Council and Toronto chapter executive of Fair Vote Canada. She is a founding member of Unlock Democracy Canada, which encourages support for proportional voting systems for federal and provincial elections.

Katherine is an activist, editor, and idealist that gets most excited about making politics work for Canadians. Community engagement, electoral reform, and connecting citizens to their representatives in better and more varied ways all get her heart beating faster, but nothing does that more than changing the way we elect our politicians so they reflect Canadians and their values. The values of innovation, integrity, education, fairness, positivity, and community permeate all that she does.

Michael Urban

Michael Crawford Urban was a founding member of RaBIT’s Board of Directors and was elected a Co-Chair in May 2015. Michael wears a number of professional hats including Policy Associate at the Mowat Centre (a public policy think tank) and Visiting Fellow at the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History at the University of Toronto. Currently also the Chairperson of the Youth Parliament of Canada, Michael brings years of experience fostering engagement with politics among youth to his work with RaBIT. Having grown increasingly concerned with the poisonous influence of our broken electoral system on our politics, Michael is elated that Torontonians have recognized the need for change and stand poised to undertake Canada’s first major electoral reform in as long as he can remember. Michael also enjoys running and eating, two enjoyments which are likely related out of necessity.

Evan Dean

Evan Dean was a founding Board Member of RaBIT in 2015, and has been working tirelessly on election reform since 2010. Evan has an extensive history with a number of other non-profit community organizations and an exceptional background in not-for-profit governance. He currently sits on the Board of Toronto PFLAG as well as the Management Board for Moss Park Arena. Previously Evan has served as the Chair of two different mental health charities, Our Place Community of Hope, and Trinity Square Café. In addition to those organizations, Evan was also a Board Member for Pride Toronto. 

Jeff Dennler

Jeff Dennler is the RaBIT Treasurer and was a founding member of the Board of Directors in 2015. ‎He is a father of three, and a Senior Manager at KPMG's consulting practice. Jeff first became passionate about fairness in voting systems in grade 4 and further explored the theoretical and applied benefits of ranked ballots during his undergraduate and graduate studies in political science and public policy. You can usually find him outside business hours with his children at a playground in Wychwood.

Chloe Doesburg

Chloe Doesburg was a founding member of the RaBIT Board of Directors in 2015. She is an architect working in the non-profit sector at Hilditch Architect, and is a co-founder of Track Toronto. She is an active member of the RaBIT Research team, with a focus on research into the implementation of ranked choice voting and voter education. This research once took her on a 16-hour road trip to Minneapolis with other RaBIT volunteers to observe their local election. She is passionate about making electoral reform a more accessible subject.

Marjan Farahbaksh

Marjan Farahbaksh was a founding member of the RaBIT Board of Directors in 2015. She is an independent research and knowledge management specialist, and brings her passion for taming information chaos to RaBIT. She is excited to be part of a growing movement to bring civility, diversity, and fairness to municipal elections with ranked ballots. Marjan lives in the east end, where she photographs neighbourhood cats in the street.

Miriam Fine

Miriam Fine was delighted to join RaBIT's Board of Directors as a founding member in 2015. Miriam is a student affairs and arts administrator, and things that make her tick include education, the arts, Toronto, and building healthy communities. She was born and raised in the Beaches, and looks to bring her experience coordinating volunteers and raising awareness for various causes to connect the city with RaBIT's vision. Miriam is excited for more issues-based campaigns and friendlier elections. When not at her desk, she is usually found on the mat, eating brunch, listening to live music, or in a park.

Harout Manougian

Harout Manougian joined the RaBIT Board of Directors in 2016. He has helped build grassroots support in North York, where he is a former Trustee with the Toronto District School Board. He is expanding RaBIT's ties with community associations and student groups. During the day, he works in the energy industry as a professional engineer. In the evening, he works to eliminate the "spoiler effect" design flaw from our elections.