Ranked Ballot Victory Party

RaBIT is hosting a Victory Party to celebrate London’s historic decision to switch to ranked ballots for the 2018 municipal election. In addition to celebrating London's big win, this event will also give RaBIT's growing community a chance to come together, raise some money for the cause, and build momentum for our campaign to win ranked ballots for Toronto in 2022.

Since this is a Victory Party, we’ve made sure that the evening is going to be fun-filled and packed with an exciting line-up of things to do. In addition to the great company (and complimentary drinks and light refreshments), the evening is going to feature:

  • An appearance by Josh Morgan, London City Councillor and one of the drivers of London's switch to ranked ballots. (Watch his interview on The Agenda with Steve Paikin.)
  • A beer election where you’ll get to sample a selection of local beers and then vote on your favourite (using a ranked ballot of course).

  • An auction where you’ll get to bid on items like a 6-course meal for 6 people, prepared and hosted by one of RaBIT’s co-chairs; tickets to a TFC game; or an hour of bike repair.

  • A ranked ballot voting equipment demonstration by Toronto-based election supply firm Dominion Voting.

  • A few other surprises that we’re still working on...

We’re really excited about London’s historic decision! By showing everyone that switching to ranked ballots is not only possible but can also help to significantly improve elections, Londoners are securing a big win for electoral reform across Ontario as well as the rest of Canada.​

When: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Thursday, June 15th

Where: 33 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto, Ontario (https://goo.gl/maps/NSUjq8p4kFr) Closest subway station is St George

Cost: $35

Contact: [email protected]

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