Katherine Skene

Katherine Skene joined the Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto in 2012, and was instrumental in seeing Toronto City Council approve a motion supporting instant runoff voting for mayoral and council member elections in June 2013. She has also been a driving force in moving the province closer to legislative change allowing ranked ballots in Ontario municipal elections. 

In addition to being Co-Chair of the RaBIT, Katherine has sat on both the National Council and Toronto chapter executive of Fair Vote Canada. She is a founding member of Unlock Democracy Canada, which encourages support for proportional voting systems for federal and provincial elections. For her day job Katherine is Editor-in-Chief at Oxford University Press Canada. In her work, she is dedicated to educating and engaging students on issues in Canadian politics. 

Katherine is an activist, editor, and idealist that gets most excited about making politics work for Canadians. Community engagement, electoral reform, and connecting citizens to their representatives in better and more varied ways all get her heart beating faster, but nothing does that more than changing the way we elect our politicians so they reflect Canadians and their values. The values of innovation, integrity, education, fairness, positivity, and community permeate all that she does.