Introduction to Ranked Ballots

This presentation, Introduction to Ranked Ballots, provides a comprehensive introduction to ranked ballots and RaBIT. It highlights the benefits of using ranked ballots, how ranked ballots work, key research that has been done on the impact of ranked ballots in other jurisdictions, and the history of RaBIT's campaign to bring ranked ballots to Toronto. 

It also includes some myth-busting about ranked ballots, lots of links to research and other useful information. This is an ideal resource for you if you’re looking to learn the basics about ranked ballots or if you’re looking for additional information to explore more deeply. 

RaBIT Fact Sheets

Why Ranked BallotsRanked ballots are a small, simple change that will make a big impact on Toronto’s elections by making them more fair, inclusive, and friendly. This one-page resource explains how and offers a brief explanation of how ranked ballot voting works.

Ranked Ballots ExplainedThis one-page resource explains how a ranked ballot election works, including how ballots are marked, how they’re counted in the first round, how votes are re-allocated in subsequent rounds if a voter's first choice candidate is eliminated, and how the winner of the election is determined.

Other great sources for information