Now’s The Time To Get Behind Ranked Ballots.

Dear supporter of friendly and fair elections in Toronto,

On 22 October, 2018 Torontonians voted in a landmark election. Out of the 26 members of council that were elected (25 councillors and 1 mayor), 14 of them, including Mayor John Tory, publicly took a pledge during the campaign to implement ranked ballots in time for the 2022 election. That's right, we now have a pro-ranked ballot majority on Toronto City Council

We have never been closer to getting ranked ballot elections in Toronto.

But we can't let up yet. While we now have a majority on council, it is extremely slim. We need to keep up our advocacy with members of council and bring more of them onside. And we need to make sure that none of those who took the pledge to make voting better get cold feet when the critical moment arrives. To do this, we need to keep reaching out to Torontonians and building the critical public support and momentum needed to push ranked ballots over the finish line. 

To do this work, we rely on your support and your dollars. Our campaign is a grassroots endeavor and we are run entirely by volunteers. If you can donate today, you can help ensure Toronto's voice reaches council as they decide if our next election will be another fear-based campaign about vote-splitting, or an issues-focused campaign where we can vote for the candidates we want. 

For everyone interested in making Toronto’s elections more fair, friendly, diverse, and inclusive, the results of the 2018 election represent an important step forward. But we're not done yet and there is still much work ahead of us.

Whatever you can afford, now’s the time to get behind ranked ballots. If you'd like to become a monthly donor, you can do so here.

With great appreciation,

The RaBIT Team


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