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RaBIT is a grassroots, non-partisan advocacy group working to bring ranked ballots to Toronto's elections. We're a group of volunteers looking to make Toronto's elections more fair, and to have more people's voices represented at Toronto City Council. 

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Ranked ballots are a simple change to how we vote that can have a big impact: having more choices at the ballot box means more voters' voices get represented at City Council, our elections are more fair, the campaigns are more friendly, and the range of candidates who run (and win!) are more diverse. 

Learn all about ranked ballots and why they're a better system 

The Restore Local Choice Campaign

Did you know that ranked ballot elections are not permitted in Ontario right now? In 2020, the Ontario government took away municipalities' choice to decide for themselves if they wanted to use ranked ballots in their elections, after London, Ontario had already completed their first one. 

We want the provincial government to bring back a municipality's right to choose.

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Take Action

We need your help. As a grassroots advocacy organization, we can't bring ranked ballots to Toronto's elections without the support of the community. Add your voice to the cause by signing our petition, sign up for our newsletter, and make a donation! 

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Toronto Went Back to the Polls

On June 26, Toronto voters returned to the ballot booth to vote for a new mayor in a special by-election. We asked mayoral candidates to take our pledge to support ranked ballots. 

Learn more about the RaBIT pledge and who took it

Congratulations, Mayor Chow

Congratulations to Olivia Chow on her recent election as Mayor of the City of Toronto. We're pleased Mayor Chow is a supporter of ranked ballots and look forward to working with her and the rest of City Council to make them a reality for Toronto elections in the future. 

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