The weather is great and there's that exciting campaign energy in the air!

Perhaps you’ve caught one of the lively debates, or have had one of the candidates knock on your door to chat about their vision for the city. 

While it’s easy to get cynical about politics, it is worth remembering that we are incredibly privileged to be able to participate so directly in the process that determines how, and by whom, we are governed.

Toronto Mayoral By-Election Candidate Pledge Campaign

One of the ways that RaBIT is participating in this election is by running a new Ranked Ballots Candidate Pledge campaign. 

As you are likely aware, the 2023 Toronto Mayoral By-Election will be taking place on Monday, 26 June. While we can’t use ranked ballots for this election, whoever wins could play a critical role in the fight to win the ability for Toronto to use ranked ballots in the 2026 municipal elections. 

For this campaign, we’re asking all the candidates to commit to the following pledge:

“As a candidate in the 2023 Toronto mayoral by-election, I pledge that, if elected, I will support and work to restore Toronto's ability to use ranked ballots. Once it is again possible, I pledge to vote in favour of Toronto using ranked ballots for its elections.”

If a candidate takes this pledge, we will publish their commitment on our website and publicize it on social media. The idea is to get the candidates on the record so that voters can make an informed choice and so that candidates can be held accountable if elected. (If you'd like more information about the campaign, please visit our campaign webpage.)

How can you help?

Elections are critical moments when we, the people, have the most power. We need you to help us raise the profile of ranked ballots in this by-election campaign. Here are five great ways you can do this:

  • Vote for a candidate that supports the use of ranked ballots for Toronto’s municipal elections on 26 June.
  • Use social media to ask candidates if they support ranked ballots and if they have taken RaBIT’s Ranked Ballots Candidate Pledge
  • Amplify RaBIT’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts during the campaign by liking and sharing them.
  • Attend a candidates’ debate and ask the candidates if they support ranked ballots, if they have taken RaBIT’s pledge, and why. 
  • Talk to your friends and family about this issue and ask them to consider voting for a candidate who supports ranked ballots.


Sign the petition to bring #rankedballots to #Toronto: and sign up to volunteer: