Ontario Election 2022

The 2022 Ontario provincial election is underway. As a Toronto-focused organization, we’d prefer to avoid provincial politics.

Unfortunately, the current provincial government’s 2020 decision to revoke municipalities ability to use ranked ballots for their own elections, right after we’d won a path to do just that at Toronto City Council, means that we can’t.

So we've developed a strategy to make returning to municipalities the ability to use ranked ballots for their own elections an important issue in this provincial election campaign. 

We're inviting all provincial candidates, from all parties, to take our pledge to restore municipalities' choice whether or not to use ranked ballots. And we're posting the results of our pledge (which candidates have taken it) here on our website so you can make an informed choice when you vote.

Find your riding and see the candidates who have pledged to restore local choice. So far 131 candidates have signed the pledge - are the ones from your riding on the list? 

Restore Local Choice Candidate Pledges