Bring Back Ranked Ballots

As a Toronto-focused organization, we’d prefer to avoid provincial politics. Unfortunately, we can’t: In 2020, the provincial government’s decision to revoke municipalities’ ability to use ranked ballots for their own elections, right after we’d won a path to do that at Toronto City Council.

So we’ve got strategies to make municipalities’ ability to use ranked ballots for their own elections an important issue.

We started with the June 2022 Ontario provincial electionWe invited all provincial candidates, from all parties, to take our pledge to restore municipalities' choice whether or not to use ranked ballots. And we've posted the results of our pledge here on our website.

Find your riding and see the candidates who pledged to restore local choice. 131 candidates signed the pledge - is the person elected from your riding on the list?

We also undertook a candidate pledge campaign during Toronto's October 2022 election, asking all candidates running for Mayor and Councillor across the city to pledge their support of ranked ballots, so we can be ready to adopt them as soon as we're able to. 

We've also brought together all the resolutions passed by municipalities across Ontario asking the provincial government to restore local choice. Is your muncipality not on the list? Reach out to your local representatives to ask them to make one. 

There's more work to do: demonstrate your support by signing our petition today.

And stay in touch as we keep pushing towards ranked ballot elections in Toronto.