In 2016, all 444 of Ontario’s municipalities gained the ability to adopt a ranked ballot voting system for their municipal elections. Unfortunately, and despite a highly successful ranked ballot election in London, Ontario in 2018, the Government of Ontario revoked Ontario municipalities ability to use ranked ballots in October 2020. 

Ranked ballots offer the opportunity to make a small, simple change to our electoral system that will make our politics more fair, diverse, inclusive, and friendly. 

As a Torontonian, I’m calling on the Government of Ontario to restore local choice and enable municipalities to use ranked ballots for their own elections if they so choose. I am also calling on Toronto City Council to adopt ranked ballots for Toronto’s municipal elections as soon as possible.

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I support ranked ballots and I’m calling on the Ontario Government to restore local choice to municipalities: allow municipalities to choose elections that are more fair, more friendly, more diverse, and more inclusive.  

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