RaBIT’s Board of Directors is composed of individuals from various industries, with different expertise, experiences and backgrounds, all united to achieve the same goal: to transform our local elections into a more relevant, inclusive and pleasant experience for all. 

Miriam Anderson

Miriam Anderson joined RaBIT’s board in 2018. Miriam is an associate professor of politics at Ryerson University. She believes that electoral reform at the municipal level will open the door to better democracy at all levels of government in Canada, and is excited at the prospect of ranked ballots in Toronto. In her spare time, Miriam enjoys travel, spending time with friends, and pilates.

Rebecca Chesley

Rebecca joined the Board of RaBIT in 2021. A born-and-raised Torontonian, she is proud to have grown up downtown, and to now be raising her kids in this city. For her day job, she has spent over a decade at United Way Greater Toronto, in the fundraising and marketing departments. She previously worked for other nonprofits and arts organizations after completing an MBA in Arts & Media Administration from the Schulich School of Business, and a BFA from Concordia in Montreal. A self-professed process nerd, Rebecca is proud to be a part of this organization and looks forward to helping advancing its cause to bring ranked balloting to Toronto’s municipal elections.

David Clarry

After becoming a RaBIT supporter during the 2018 municipal election David is delighted to join the Board in 2021.  Through his professional work in climate change, sustainable development and community relations in the metals and mining industries David is looking for ways to foster better discussion of major issues we face.  He believes ranked ballots are an opportunity to improve how some of these discussions take place – and to strengthen our democracy. David has lived in the Toronto area most of his life and has been an active volunteer in Scouts and youth hockey, as well as with professional and industry associations. In his spare time David enjoys being active outdoors, attending a small fraction of the wonderful live theatre productions in Toronto, and spending time with his sons.

Miriam Fine

Miriam Fine was delighted to join RaBIT's Board of Directors as a founding member in 2015 and now serves as RaBIT's secretary. Miriam began working supporting students in post-secondary and arts education, and moved to People Ops in the tech sector to cultivate workplaces where we can all thrive. She is deeply curious about, and committed to, building a better future of work. Miriam was born and raised in the Beaches, and looks to bring her experience coordinating volunteers and raising awareness for various causes to connect the city with RaBIT's vision. Miriam is excited for more issues-based campaigns and friendlier elections, with candidates who look like our city. When not at her desk, she is usually found cycling, at a book club meeting, listening to live music, or at a park.

Morty Fine

Morty joined RaBIT's Board in 2018, after several years of attending RaBIT events, lobbying officials, and providing informal strategic advice. His commitment to democratic electoral reform builds on 30+ years of operational and policy development work with the Ontario government (Ministries of Labour; Citizenship, Culture and Recreation; Community and Social Services; Solicitor General and Correctional Services) and then the City of Toronto (Intergovernmental Relations). Key portfolios included: City of Toronto Act; disabilities; violence against women, children and vulnerable adults; justice issues – crime prevention, policing, victims of crime, corrections; occupational health and safety, and the environment. When not enjoying family and friends, you'll find him taking continuing education courses, singing in two choirs, or biking around town.

Karelle Pickersgill

Karelle Pickersgill

Karelle joined the Board of Directors in 2023. She is an active community member with a background in Client Services and Project Management and is passionate about system optimization and efficiency. Karelle has worked across a variety of sectors including banking, Saas and education. She currently works in program management in post-secondary education.

Karelle believes in the power of transparency and supports the ranked ballot initiative and the impact it will have on the way Torontonians vote.  She is proud to be a part of this organization and is excited to bring her diverse professional background and volunteer experience to support RaBIT’s vision for more fair and friendly elections.  She enjoys quality time with friends and family, traveling and is a personal development enthusiast!

Nicholas Renzetti

Nicholas Renzetti

Nicholas Renzetti joined RaBIT's board in 2023. He is a Research Associate at the Smart Prosperity Institute's PLACE Centre where he works on the skills and labour force needs of the future to ensure sustainable economic growth. Nicholas has previously worked on municipal, provincial, and federal election and leadership campaigns and believes deeply in the need for electoral reform.  Nicholas is an avid cook, vegetarian, and is involved in local community share agriculture.

Carolyn Sealfon

Dr. Carolyn Sealfon joined RaBIT’s board as a new Canadian permanent resident in 2017. As a physics professor and educator with over a decade of experience helping people learn STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) through civic issues, she strongly believes in the potential of education to improve democracy and social justice. She also enjoys singing, acting, cycling, and qigong.

Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart has managed multiple election campaigns and is dedicated to making meaningful change to the way people vote. Michael’s experience in IT project management and directing election coverage for large media outlets have left him with the belief that implementing ranked ballots in Toronto would help to elect people who better represent the city now and as it evolves. He brings over 15 years of experience in elections to RaBIT.

Scott Tabachnick

Scott Tabachnick

Scott joined the RaBIT Board in 2023. A longtime resident of the Davenport riding where he and his wife are raising their three children, he was born in Montreal and has spent more than half his life living in Toronto. As a seasoned Communications professional, he has worked for several large multi-national companies, small agencies, and currently leads the Communications & Government Relations team for one of Canada’s leading Payments and Fintech companies. He believes there is a tremendous opportunity to change our approach to civic engagement to turn around the trends of low voter turnout and intense polarization. Scott wants to see ranked ballots broaden involvement in politics to more people while creating government that is a more accurate reflection of the citizens they serve.

Michael Urban

Michael Urban was a founding member of RaBIT’s Board of Directors and was elected co-chairperson in May 2015. Michael brings years of practical experience with voting reform and fostering engagement with politics to his work with RaBIT. Having grown increasingly concerned with the negative influence of our broken electoral system on our politics, Michael is elated that Torontonians have recognized the need for change and stand poised to undertake the positive step of reforming the way Toronto votes. Michael also enjoys running and eating, two enjoyments which are likely linked.


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RaBIT is committed to having a Board that is diverse and representative of the residents of the City of Toronto. Candidates who self-identify as members of an equity-deserving group in Canadian society are encouraged, but never required, to self-identify as such.

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