RaBIT works to bring ranked ballots to Toronto’s municipal elections with a variety of partners. As a non-partisan advocacy group, we collaborate with politicians and staff across the political spectrum, and as a grassroots organization we rely on the support of our community members.

We can’t do our work without everyone’s help, whether that’s taking a pledge to support legislation, signing our petitions, or making a donation. Thank you to those who continue to support our drive to make Toronto’s elections more fair, more positive, and more democratic. 

Toronto City Councillors

See which Councillors have taken the pledge to support ranked ballots. Is your councillor on the list?


Thought leaders from a variety of media platforms have published their support for ranked ballots. See what they’ve said.

Community Leaders

Prominent members of the Toronto community have spoken about the benefits of bringing ranked ballots to our city. Learn more about why they feel we should improve our democracy with this change in how we vote.


We are very grateful for the support of the people who have donated to RaBIT. We can do more together with your gifts! Thank you to our donors.