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Ranked Ballots and the Math of Voting

Ranked ballots are a tried and tested method of voting that have been used for more than 100 years. Mathematicians have studied the theoretical and real-world effects of using every conceivable form of voting. The conclusion is that by allowing voters to select their most preferred candidates, ranked ballots can eliminate strategic voting.

Ranked Ballots and One Person, One Vote

The principle of 'one person, one vote' is integral to any voting system. Ranked ballots uphold this principle. In fact, ranked ballots offer a dramatic improvement over first-past-the-post in safeguarding this principle, which is why political parties use ranked ballots to elect their own leaders.

Ranked Ballots and Electing 'Winners'

Ranked ballots uphold the principle of majority rule and provide more genuine voter choice than the current system. By earning more than 50% of the overall vote, the winning candidate under ranked ballots demonstrates that they are the candidate with the most support and therefore the real winner in a truly democratic contest. 

Ranked Ballots and Diversity

Ranked ballots produce results that are more representative of a city's diversity than the current first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting system. Ranked ballots have shown their potential to gradually increase ethnic, racial and political diversity in addition to boosting female representation in government, by encouraging more female and minority candidates to seek office and by empowering diverse communities. 

Conservative Voices for Ranked Ballots in Toronto

Some conservative voices in Toronto who are in favour of ranked ballots and instant runoff voting. 

General Information About Instant Runoff Voting

FairVote USA • Instant Runoff Voting

Electoral Reform Society • Instant Runoff Voting (Note: they call it "Alternative Vote")

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Other Groups

123Ontario • A network of municipal voting reform campaigns across the province

Unlock Democracy • A national campaign for proportional representation

Fair Vote Canada (Note: Fair Vote Canada does not support RaBIT or instant runoff voting at any level of government. They advocate only for proportional systems, and have proposed a multi-member district model for Toronto.)  


ACE Electoral Knowledge Network • An online knowledge repository about elections around the world