This Thursday, 30 November, voters in Scarborough Southwest (Ward 20) will head to the polls to elect a new city councillor. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, RaBIT has been asking all candidates in this by-election to take our candidate pledge and commit to “support and work to restore Toronto's ability to use ranked ballots.” We’ve also asked them to commit, once it is again possible, “to vote in favour of Toronto using ranked ballots for its elections.” 

We are pleased to announced that, as of now, 3 candidates - including 2 of the leading candidates - have taken RaBIT’s candidate pledge:

  • Corey David
  • Suman Roy
  • Kevin Rupasinghe

Thank you to these candidates for standing up for a better way to vote!

Those of you who follow us on Twitter (err… X?) will already know that these three candidates have taken the pledge as we’ve been promoting their commitments for the past week. We’ve been doing this both to ensure that voters in Scarborough Southwest are informed about which candidates support ranked ballots and to encourage other candidates to take the pledge. 

If you are a candidate in this by-election and would like to take the pledge before it is too late, please get in touch at [email protected]. If you are a voter in Scarborough Southwest and do not see the name of the candidate that you support on this list, please ask them why they haven’t taken RaBIT’s candidate pledge and encourage them to do so.



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