As we mentioned in this post, on May 1st the city council of London, Ontario, voted to make their city the first Canadian jurisdiction in living memory to enact positive electoral reform.

This is a big deal. Here at RaBIT HQ, we're so excited that we've decided to celebrate by hosting a Victory Party for London on Thursday, June 15th, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Some of the evening's details are still getting worked out, but one thing we can reveal right now is that the party is going to include a chance for you to take part in a delicious election where you'll get to sample and vote for your favourite local Toronto beer using a ranked ballot.

In addition to celebrating London's big win, this party will also be a chance for RaBIT's growing community to come together, raise some money for the cause, and continue to build momentum for our campaign to win ranked ballots for Toronto in 2022.

We'll be sending another message in a few days that will reveal some more of the other cool things we have planned for the party. That message will also include information for how you can get tickets. In the meantime, be sure to circle Thursday, June 15th on your calendar and save the date for some electoral reform revelry!

We really hope you'll be able to join us. It's going to be a blast!



Sign the petition to bring #rankedballots to #Toronto: and sign up to volunteer: