The Toronto municipal election campaign is rapidly coming to a close with Election Day (24 October) now just a week away!

Over the past few weeks, the RaBIT team has been hard at work encouraging candidates for mayor and city council to take the 2022 Ranked Ballot Candidates’ Pledge. As of noon on Monday, 17 October, 57 candidates have taken the pledge. Please visit our pledge campaign webpage to learn more about the pledge and find out who has, and hasn’t, taken the pledge so far.

Here’s how you can help

While 57 pledges is a good start, we know we can do better. We’re especially keen to secure pledges from a handful of key candidates who either took the pledge previously or who we think are open to doing so this time. And we’d really appreciate your help in hitting this goal. 

Below, you’ll find a list of 11 candidates who we’d like to take the pledge, along with their campaign contact information. If you live in one of these wards, or feel comfortable contacting these candidates on social media or via email and politely encouraging them to take our pledge, we’d really appreciate it. (Please find a draft tweet and a draft email below that you can use and/or personalize if you so wish).





Etobicoke North (1)

Vincent Crisanti


[email protected] 

Etobicoke North (1)

Charles Ozzoude


[email protected]

York South-Weston (5)

Frances Nunziata


[email protected] 

Humber River-Black Creek (7)

Christopher Mammoliti



Eglinton-Lawrence (8)

Mike Colle


[email protected] 

Toronto-Danforth (14)

Paula Fletcher


[email protected] 

Don Valley West (15)

Jaye Robinson 


[email protected] 

Don Valley East (16)

Jon Burnside 


[email protected] 

Scarborough-Agincourt (22)

Nick Mantas


[email protected] 

Scarborough North (23)

Cynthia  Lai


[email protected] 

Scarborough-Rouge Park (25)

Jennifer McKelvie


[email protected] 

Thank you for your help with this. Securing a strong majority in favour of ranked ballots on Toronto City Council is a critical first step in winning back the ability to use ranked ballots for Toronto's elections.

If there are any other candidates who have not yet taken the pledge and who you think we should include as a priority focus, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

Thanks for your help! (draft messages below)

The RaBIT Team


Draft Tweet

Hey @TwitterHandle, #Toronto needs #RankedBallots! I hope you’ll consider taking @TorontoRaBIT ’s candidate pledge: #topoli 


Draft Email

Hello (Candidate Name)!

I hope this message finds you well. I’m writing today because I am a big supporter of voting reform and the Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto’s (RaBIT’s) work to bring ranked ballots to Toronto’s elections. RaBIT is running a candidate pledge campaign this election and I think it would be great if you pledged to work to bring ranked ballots to Toronto should you be elected. More than 50 other candidates have already done so! If you’d like more information about the campaign, check out the campaign webpage: 

Thanks in advance for your consideration on this matter, and best of luck with your campaign.




Sign the petition to bring #rankedballots to #Toronto: and sign up to volunteer: