On this page, you will find a regularly updated list of all the candidates who have registered to run for Toronto City Council in this ward in the 2018 election. We have asked all of them to take the following Candidate Pledge:

As a candidate in the 2018 Toronto election, I pledge that, if elected, I will support, advance, and vote in favour of those actions required for ranked ballots to be used in the 2022 Toronto elections.

Below, you'll see their responses. For incumbent councillors, we've also included a summary of their voting history on ranked ballots. For more detail on our Candidate Pledge campaign, please click here.

Shelley Carroll has taken the pledge

"I have always supported Ranked Balloting as a crucial tool for Municipal Election voter reform. It is not new. It is not complicated. It is a simple matter of ensuring voters get the benefit of a Toronto Council that has a true mandate from the community. Incumbents have nothing to fear from a ranked ballot if they are truly connected to their communities and crystal clear about their values and platforms."

On October 1, 2015 Shelley Carroll voted in favour of ranked ballots on City Council motion 2015.EX8.1 (M6).

On December 14, 2016 Shelley Carroll was absent during the vote on City Council motion 2016 EX.20.5 (M1b).

Ken Lister has taken the pledge

"I have been a strong supporter of Ranked Ballots for many years, and am proud to have attended events in North York. Ranked Ballots solve many problems with our current electoral system. Come volunteer and join me to spread the word!"

Erin O'Connor has taken the pledge

"Ranked ballots will permit people to vote with their hearts for the candidates whose positions align with their own, rather trying to vote strategically to prevent the “bad guy” from winning. Strategic voting is a guessing game at best, and it doesn’t allow for diversity in representation."

Steven Chen has not taken the pledge

Kasra Gharibi has not taken the pledge

Ian Hanecak has not taken the pledge

Stella Kargiannakis has not taken the pledge

Kostas Kokkinakis has not taken the pledge

Christina Liu has not taken the pledge