Toronto Municipal Election 2018

Toronto's municipal election campaign is officially underway. RaBIT is working to ensure that the mayor and city council we elect on October 22nd understand the benefits of ranked ballots and are committed to using them for the 2022 election. 

One of the ways we are doing this is by are asking all candidates for mayor and for city council to take the following Candidate Pledge:

As a candidate in the 2018 Toronto election, I pledge that, if elected, I will support, advance, and vote in favour of those actions required for ranked ballots to be used in the 2022 Toronto elections.

By following the links below you can see which candidates have taken the Candidate Pledge. Just click on the race that you're interested in. (Don't forget, many ward boundaries have change. If you're not sure which ward you live in, click here and enter your address to find out.) If you'd like more information about our Candidate Pledge campaign, please visit click here.

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