On this page, you will find a regularly updated list of all the candidates who have registered to run for Toronto City Council in this ward in the 2018 election. We have asked all of them to take the following Candidate Pledge:

As a candidate in the 2018 Toronto election, I pledge that, if elected, I will support, advance, and vote in favour of those actions required for ranked ballots to be used in the 2022 Toronto elections.

Below, you'll see their responses. For incumbent councillors, we've also included a summary of their voting history on ranked ballots. For more detail on our Candidate Pledge campaign, please click here.

Brad Bradford has taken the pledge

"Ranked ballots force representatives to work on behalf of all constituents and prevent long term incumbents from winning with a niche support base. I am 32 years old and there are people on city council who were there before I was born. That's not good for democracy. Along with term limits, ranked ballot voting can create a democratic system that is inclusive and primed for moving this great city forward. If I am elected, I will support ranked balloting."

David Del Grande has taken the pledge

"I support ranked ballots because the voting system changes the political conversation from divisiveness to collaboration."

Diane Dyson has taken the pledge


"When we elect candidates now, our voting system rewards the strongest campaigner, the one which can knock other candidates out of the race, win the sign wars and social media games, to reach the finish line on Election Day. They are considered the “winnable.” So, people are cynical. Ranked Ballots offers the chance instead to elect those upon whom more of us can actually agree. No knock’em out fights needed among different and competing power bases. I look forward to that day, when our Council will be much more representative than those we are about to elect."

Brenda MacDonald has taken the pledge

"I support ranked ballots as they give more opportunity to diverse candidates in our community."

Joshua Makuch has taken the pledge

"Ranked ballots incent candidates to appeal to a broader base of voters. Once elected, the politician needs to represent the interests of all their constituents. A ranked ballot encourages them to include more diverse opinions and consider a wider range of issues at the outset of the campaign – not just after the election."

Valerie Maltais has taken the pledge

"I support ranked ballots in our municipal elections. This would help support creating a diverse and representative council for our City. I am also committing to serving a maximum of two-terms. Thanks RaBIT for your efforts in creating fair elections!"

Frank Marra has taken the pledge

"The importance of a ranked ballot is even more vital now that a 25-seat Council has been set for this and future elections. This is so because it is far more difficult to raise one's profile enough in a large ward to claim being truly representative. Thus the ranked ballot evens out the disadvantage for new candidates against incumbents because voters are frequently leery of new ideas and viewpoints which elections are meant to inject into the debate. Being able to rank your ballot cures that defect and encourages a fair and level playing field for all candidates."

Adam Smith has taken the pledge

"Simply put, ranked ballots for municipal elections are the ONLY democratic choice. It eliminates vote splitting and more closely reflects the will of voters."

Norval Bryant has not taken the pledge

Paul Bura has not taken the pledge

Dragan Cimesa has not taken the pledge

Matthew Kellway has not taken the pledge

Donald Lamoreux has not taken the pledge

Paul Murton has not taken the pledge

Morley Rosenberg has not taken the pledge

Veronica Stephen has not taken the pledge