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    On September 16, 2016, all 444 of Ontario’s municipalities gained the ability to adopt a ranked ballot voting system for their municipal elections.

    Ranked ballots offer the residents of Toronto the opportunity to make a small, simple change to our electoral system that will make our politics more fair, diverse, inclusive, and friendly.

    As a Torontonian, I’m calling on Toronto City Council to adopt ranked ballots for Toronto’s municipal elections as soon as possible.


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    Now’s The Time To Get Behind Ranked Ballots.

    Dear supporter of friendly and fair elections in Toronto,

    On June 7, 2016, the government of Ontario voted to pass historic new legislation giving Toronto and all of Ontario’s other 443 towns and cities the ability to abandon our outdated and unfair first-past-the-post voting system, and switch to ranked ballots.

    We have never been closer to getting ranked ballot elections in Toronto.

    The Toronto Star has once again endorsed ranked choice voting for Toronto, saying “it's more fair and less polarizing," that it reduces negative campaigning, gives newcomers more opportunity to win office, and gives voters an enhanced sense that their vote matters.

    Now is a critical time to build a groundswell of support, as Toronto Council decides whether we will use ranked ballots in 2018.

    The Mayor of Toronto strongly supports ranked ballots, and wants the option, but as we get closer to making ranked ballots a reality in Toronto, resistance will increase in some quarters. We need to be ready.

    We need your support, and your dollars, to fund a campaign entirely run by volunteers. If you can donate today, you can help ensure Toronto's voice reaches council as they decide if our next election will be another fear-based campaign about vote-splitting, or an issues-focused campaign where we can vote for the candidates we want. 

    For everyone interested in making Toronto’s elections more fair, friendly, diverse, and inclusive, June 7, 2016 was a great day, but there is still much work to be done.

    Whatever you can afford, now’s the time to get behind ranked ballots. If you'd like to become a monthly donor, you can do so here.

    With great appreciation,

    The RaBIT Team