On this page, you will find a regularly updated list of all the candidates who have registered to run for Toronto City Council in this ward in the 2018 election. We have asked all of them to take the following Candidate Pledge:

As a candidate in the 2018 Toronto election, I pledge that, if elected, I will support, advance, and vote in favour of those actions required for ranked ballots to be used in the 2022 Toronto elections.

Below, you'll see their responses. For incumbent councillors, we've also included a summary of their voting history on ranked ballots. For more detail on our Candidate Pledge campaign, please click here.

Mike Colle has taken the pledge

"As illustrated in the last provincial election results, the first past-the-post system leaves millions of voters without a voice. The ranked ballot would give a greater number of citizens a voice and it has my full support. The present system weakens local democracy and needs to be replaced."

Lauralyn Johnston has taken the pledge

"First-past-the-post elections only entrench existing inequities in the system and do not support fair elections. Ranked Ballots are one way to change this."

Beth Levy has taken the pledge

"I support ranked ballots because they strengthen local democracy by allowing voters to have a more nuanced expression of their preference when voting. The more possibilities that people have in choosing their elected representatives, the greater the chance that they will meaningfully engage with the process and with candidates. Ranked ballots also incentivize councillors and mayors to be connected with their constituents by being present and engaged and to serve as strong advocates for their communities at City Hall. Ranked ballots reward strong incumbents while giving new candidates a greater chance at success."

Dyanoosh Youssefi has taken the pledge

"Ranked ballots are a more democratic process for electing our representatives than the first-past-the-post system."

Jennifer Arp has not taken the pledge

Christin Carmichael Greb has not taken the pledge

On October 1, 2015 Christin Carmichael Greb voted against ranked ballots on City Council motion 2015.EX8.1 (M6).

On December 14, 2016 Christin Carmichael Greb voted against ranked ballots on City Council motion 2016 EX.20.5 (M1b).

Darren Dunlop has not taken the pledge

Randall Pancer has not taken the pledge

Josh Pede has not taken the pledge

Peter Tijiri has not taken the pledge