Toronto Council Candidate - Ward 13, Toronto Centre

I believe that first past the post often disenfranchises the majority of voters as the one elected too often wins without 50%+1 of their votes. I believe a Ranked Ballot is more likely to reflect the will of the majority of voters. A process of choosing or appealing for 2nd, 3rd choice support, encourages collegiality between neighbours & candidates who may not entirely agree. Ranked Ballot is the best option for a democratic, and civil society.

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    On September 16, 2016, all 444 of Ontario’s municipalities gained the ability to adopt a ranked ballot voting system for their municipal elections.

    Ranked ballots offer the residents of Toronto the opportunity to make a small, simple change to our electoral system that will make our politics more fair, diverse, inclusive, and friendly.

    As a Torontonian, I’m calling on Toronto City Council to adopt ranked ballots for Toronto’s municipal elections as soon as possible.


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