As a grassroots, volunteer-run organization, we're grateful for the support of our donors who help to fuel our work. 

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Zack Medow

Project Manager, Global Citizen Engagement at RIWI Corp.
Katelynn Northam
Campaigner at
Joanne Knowlton
Public Speaking Skills Teacher
Emma O'dwyer
The Matcom Group- Vice President, Market Development & Corporate Affairs
Aubrey Podolsky
Leading Strategy at Pigeon Brands
Stephen Aylward
Litigator at Stockwoods LLP in Toronto, practising in administrative, criminal, and commercial litigation.
Christine Yip
Advisory Services, People & Change
Sean Hayward
Michael Stewart
Small fish in a BIG pond Random thoughts from Toronto on soccer, B- Movies, politics, music and multiple sclerosis
P Kern

Andrew Garrett
Real Estate investor, Young Family, BJJ white belt/ former musician, Youth Outreach, Avid non fiction reader getting back in shape!