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Aaron Binder
Business Owner // Community Builder // Professional Disruptor // @a_strong_canada // @gotourscanada // disrup+ // Clara Gluten Free Water // 🇨🇦
Kelly O'Connor
Grad student thinking about humanitarianism, armed conflict, forced migration, governance, and development economics.
Thomas Kim

Joshua Stein

Mindful Communication Coach / MASc Human Factors Engineering
Paul Butler
Traveler, runner, sailor, and generally curious person.
Nicole Schtscherbina
I'm a devout member of the Church of Memorable Moments, and a fan of Swiss meringue buttercream.
Brian Gottheil
Human resources law. Workplace investigations. HR, management and anti-harassment training. Writing. Democracy. Community. Inspiration.
Chris Cowperthwaite
Entrepreneur & Ground Campaign Expert
6.67408 × 10^(-11)
homo sapiens sapiens. gets involved in things.
Joe Moed

Chartered Accountant by day, skeptic and secular humanist by night. And day also.
Rob Wolvin

Works in Film & Television, Social Media Activist - Responsible Development - Affordable Housing - Relief Line - Human Rights, Founding Director of Vancouver Pride, experience as a local Small Business Owner.
chaitanya Kalevar
MSc MASc MBA "Climate Change in Nuclear Age" book 911- @UN NY @ Rio-Summits 92 & 2012. Walked Hague-Brussels May99 & Rimouski-Montreal May11, GlobalGreens-17 CU
Timothy Ellis
Digital Campaigner at
Miriam Anderson
Associate professor IR @TorontoMet • 2022-2023 Visiting Fellow @lse_wps • Peace negotiations, post-conflict politics • Member @torontorabit @rn_wps • she/her
David Tung

Zack Medow

Project Manager, Global Citizen Engagement at RIWI Corp.