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Andrew Noble
Health policy guy with plenty of points on politics.
Kelly Rowe

PhD. Flâneuse. Public policy, social science research, music, culture(s), #bikeTO. Views are my own.
Jane Garthson
President, Garthson Leadership Centre, dedicated to creating better futures for communities and organizations through values-based leadership
Randy Chung
Apparently my name is *hilarious* to people from the UK.
Dan Abramsky
Architectural Technician at Q4 Architects
Dylan Reid

City man: Toronto (Spacing magazine), walking (both action and policy), Renaissance urban history (CRRS). Newsletter:
Cameron Maveal
yea I got opinions
Misty Alexander
I like to look at and listen to beautiful and interesting things.
Geoffrey Singer
Urban planner in #TO focused on #transit, #sustainability, #GIS and #opendata. Newly minted @ClimateReality Leader.
Trixie May

Trustee candidate for TDSB Don Valley East. Co-chair TDSB Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC). MAKING THE SCHOOL BOARD WORK FOR OUR CHILDREN.
Juliet Palmer
Interdisciplinary arts company. Singing River July 4-5 — Pan Am Path. Director: Juliet Palmer
Ben Marans

Social innovation & climate change crusader in Toronto. Also a fixed & road cyclist, photographer and the luckiest husband & dad around. Opinions are my own.
Peter Demakos
Chris Cowperthwaite
Campaigns & Digital Strategy @NavLtd / Co-Chair at Open Democracy Project @DemocracyKit @DXCSummit / GTA @LoranScholar Alumni Coordinator.
Dana Gregoire
MBA '10; JD '16: interested in corp govc, cap mkts, securities, NFPs, charities. I'm not your lawyer and this is not legal advice. Opinions my own.
Riley Haas

Author, blogger, amateur musicologist, cynic
Adrian Currie
Actor, Film Maker, Activist, Humanitarian, Jamaican, Rasta, Torontonian. Just a simple guy trying to make it in this crazy 21 century world.