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Rika Alvo

Erica Cerny
Administrative Assistant at City of Toronto
Francois Villeneuve
zine hound, rails developer, armchair activist et canadien français reconstruit
Duncan Patterson
writer, designer, artist
Shawn Adamsson
Middle-class, middle-aged, white, male, hetero ... privileged. What a wasted life to not do anything positive with that. Feminist. Opinionated. Often wrong.
Morty Fine

Luis Jacob

Elizabeth J Sutherland
Policy advisor. Rides a bike. Enviro-social-democrat. #jtriangle #bikeTO Works at @o_n_n, volunteers at @cycletoronto @W18cycle & @PPofTO. Tweets are my own.
Brad Marcoux
A Stiff Drink in a Dim Place.
Tristan Austin
Dad; poli sci nerd; axe thrower; captain of Team Soca.
Michael Urban
Dad. Manager, Strategic Standards Development @CSA_Group. Co-chair @TorontoRaBIT. WPG ex-pat. He/Him. Opinions my own. RTs ≠ endorsements etc.
joe mihevc

Councillor candidate for the new Ward 15. Passions: social justice, public health, transit, community engagement & capacity building. Arts-lover. Cyclist.
Andrew Noble
Health policy guy with plenty of points on politics.
Kelly Rowe

PhD. Flâneuse. Public policy, social science research, music, culture(s), #bikeTO. Views are my own.
Jane Garthson
President, Garthson Leadership Centre, dedicated to creating better futures for communities and organizations through values-based leadership